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About Balnea Spa

Balnea is derived from the world balneotherapy. In the world of Spa, this refers to any treatment that you may receive that is associated with water and provides a medical benefit to the client. The term “balneotherapy” could generally be applied to many of our spa treatments, since the majority do offer mental and physical health benefits. This relates to our teaching and product treatment philosophy which is based on a holistic approach to health. We use traditional esthetic practices but combine them with a modern approach to alternative medicine by embracing a unique blend of both eastern and western philosophy to treat the mind, body and spirit.

Today Balnea Spa Products serves spas, clinics and wellness professionals across North America, providing ethically produced, quality products.

  • Botanically Based Organic Skincare
  • Medical Grade Skincare & Clinical Acne Solutions
  • Therapeutic Body Treatment Products
  • Esthetician Development Programs, Workshops & Events

Our dedicated team invites you to have a conversation to explore our integrated product and education solutions. We are confident that you will feel fulfilled, connected and inspired to learn more. Let’s experience growth, together!

Trish Green


“Your Skin Reflects who you are Mind, Body and Spirit”

A Personal Note from Trish Green: Founder of Balnea Spa Products

As a Homeopath, Esthetican and Educator for over 25 years, women’s health on all of its intriguing levels to also include the health of their skin has always been my true passion and throughout my career this passion determined the path of my personal education. Embracing the many aspects involved in the science of …

Ruth Slaa
Throughout her career she has achieved certification in Business Administration and Marketing. She brings 25 years’ of experience in sales, marketing, business development and administration. At Balnea her focus is on growing and developing the marketing and social media platforms. Her belief is that work ethic is a talent and that …
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Donna Gisondi
Having 15 years in the prestige beauty industry Donna’s expertise in business, merchandising and sales brings to you, our customer a new level of experience that can assist in taking your business to the next level. Donna has spent the past 8 years in education and has a passion for greater learning. She believes an expressive….
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Heidi Edwards
Heidi Edwards is a licensed esthetician who has excelled in the esthetics industry on many levels. She has a passion for helping and sharing her knowledge with others. Heidi graduated in the esthetics program at Sir Sandford Fleming College over a decade ago and excelling in school, Heidi set out to train exclusively …
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Gord Higgerson
Gord joined our team several years ago. He has a B.Sc in Computer Science and spent 21 years working for IBM. Gord now spends his day managing our inventory and the daily operations of our warehouse. When your orders arrive beautifully packed in a timely manner, Gord has added his caring touches …
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Pat Hall
Pat has seen a number of changes and worn many hats since graduating as an aesthetician in 1982. She also trained as an aromatherapist in 1986 with Jan Benham, later becoming an instructor with her own wholistic therapies school in Ottawa as well as being a past president and …
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