Hydrolats, also known as floral waters are the bi-product of essential oil distillation using steam. The water vapor passing through the plant crop at pressure retains properties of the essential oil which can be used within the Eve Taylor treatment to customize and personalize to your clients needs.

With 8 choices you can select the appropriate Hydrolat to enhance the effectiveness of your products specific to your client’s skin condition.

Geranium Hydrolat
Boasting a beautiful fresh, sweet, floral, rose-like aroma with a hint of fruitiness, Geranium Hydrolat is great for use on dryer skins but helps to balance the oilier, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits and is a great spritz option for those who experience anxiety.

Lemon Hydrolat
Clean, sweet, rich aroma with a gentle citrus tang. Lemon Hydrolat is a great all a round offering anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s a great spritz for those who want an uplifted energized effect.

Tea Tree Hydrolat
With its clean fresh herbaceous medicinal aroma, Tea Tree Hydrolat is extremely anti-bacterial, anti-septic and anti-viral making this hydrolat perfect for those with problematic, breakout prone skin. Its a great spritz option for times of coughs and colds.