Eating Beautiful Workshop

It is equally important to nurture not only the outer skin but also what lies beneath it. Your skin, which is your largest organ is a direct reflection of what is going on inside your body – most importantly your nutrition. In this interactive workshop we will discuss the best (and worst) foods for healthy skin including specific conditions such as acne, rosace and aging skin. We will dive deeper into key nutrients and healing vitamins for glowing skin and strong, gorgeous hair and how to simply get them from the food you eat. We will also touch on whole body wellness for beauty through healthy digestion, natural detoxification, physical activity, stress management and mindfulness. Recipes, resources and simple tips for helping your clients heal from the inside out in addition to your services will be included.

Kimberlee Ruzycki is a health and wellness coach who works with clients personally to reach their health goals through nutrition and adapting healthy habits for sustainable success. She also does workplace wellness talks, teaches plant-based cooking classes and speaks professionally on health and wellness topics.