The Power of Aromatherapy

When we enter the spa for relaxation away from the rush of everyday life, clients have certain expectations. One of which is that luxurious, gentle smell of essential oils that lulls you into a wonderful state of relaxation even before you enter the treatment room.

Elevating Wellness treatments in the Spa

All essential oils are not created equal. What is it that we need to know to treat our clients safely and effectively both in the Spa and at home? Join Trish as she takes you on an endless journey of aromatic possibilities that can easily be incorporated into your services to both elevate and improve your client’s well-being. From pure essential oil blends, facial serums, aromatic massage blends for face and body and Hydrosols.

In today’s society with all of its pressures and concerns, mental health is at the fore front of everybody’s mind. Depression and anxiety have escalated beyond levels we have never previously known. This class will show you how you can participate in improving your client’s well-being. Using a wonderful group of preblended oils for this purpose Trish will present a Materia Medica of essential oils to use in your clinic or Spa. These blends are for professional only and are not multilevel marketing and are not sold on line.


Light Lunch Provided

Dermaplaning Demonstration




 Healthy Aging vs. Anti-Aging

Redefining the Concept of Beauty

 Moving beyond current medical trends, injectables, Botox and all the new trending machines claiming to lift and firm the skin, the concept of true beauty brings us back to basics. All of these things affect the way your skin looks and the underlying physiology of aging.

In this class we will discuss Epigenetics; a group of factors that interact with your DNA that determines how your genetic blue print is expressed.  Nutrition, not just in what we eat but what we apply to the skin to also feed it, along with stress, sleep and other factors, all affect the genetic expression of the skin and therefore how your skin looks.

Join Trish as she continues to explore all these concepts offering wellness solutions but also looking at the latest nutrients in your ‘Beauty Bottle’ and your selection of corrective serums and creams so we will discuss key ingredients that can affect the cellular receptors and therefore the gene expression.