Sunday Room Stage C – 2PM

Everything Aromatherapy and Correct Application in the Spa – by Melissa Landry

Essential oils not only provide a wonderful aromatic experience, they also provide therapeutic properties to restore and promote overall wellness.  Explore the various ways aromatherapy can be incorporated into your treatments and learn correct dilutions and applications.  We will take a look at important blends for diffusion and relaxation, aromatic serums and hydrosols that be used in facial treatments as well as additions to manicures and pedicures and body treatments.

3:30 PM

Epigentics – Providing a Complete Approach to Healthy Skin – by Trish Green

Epigenetics, a group of factors that interact with your DNA determining how your genetic blue print is expressed.  Nutrition, what we eat and what we apply to the skin to also feed it, stress and sleep and other factors, all affect the genetic expression of the skin and therefore how your skin looks.  Explore these concepts, offer wellness solutions and discover all the latest cosmetic ingredients that affect the cellular receptors.

Monday Room C – 2PM

The Power of Sleep – by Trish Green

Sleep deprivation, now an epidemic, is reported as being the root cause of many potentially fatal diseases.  Matthew Walker, states that “no part of our biology is left unscathed by sleep deprivation.”  Sleep is required for repair on all levels, from promoting healthy skin, adrenal repair, hormonal balance, weight loss, mental health, anxiety, depression and weight gain.  Understand the sleep, wake mechanism, offer simple solutions and treatments in the spa.


Creating a Customized Sensory Ritual – A Practical Demonstration using Essential Oils Infused Products in Treatments – by Melissa Landry

The Sensory Ritual is a head-to-toe treatment designed to obtain a total mind, body and spirit relaxation experience.  Using essential oils and various methods of application throughout the treatment, this typical European approach, not only includes a full aromatic journey, but also draws fully on the science and therapeutic benefits of oils combined with the needs of the client.  Join Melissa as she demonstrates a variety of treatment options for both everyday use and treatment add-ons to your spa service menu.