As Nature is at the heart of our business in the form of essential oils which are derived from plants, we recognize that protecting our environment is vital to ensure future generations can enjoy our beautiful world and the plants within it.

In support of giving back to nature, we have partnered with Trees for the Future.
We will plant ONE TREE for every Eve Taylor retail product sold and have committed to planting a minimum of 100,000 trees each year.

Planting new trees regenerates the land, supports the eco-system of wildlife and insects and combats climate change by offsetting carbon emissions to the equivalent of 26,000 miles of car driving and producing approximately 260 pounds of oxygen per year.

Farmers learn to plant rows of environment fixing trees in and along borders of their degraded land to protect the field from pests and stop erosion.

But we aren’t just planting trees. We’re changing lives through regenerative agriculture. Farmers learn to plan for their family’s future by discovering how planting 4,000 trees with food crops will help them make more money, grow more food and build a sustainable future.
This is good for the farmer and good for the environment – win win!
Find out more about the amazing work Trees for the Future do by visiting or

We have joined Trees for the Future which is revitalizing degraded land and supporting impoverished families in Africa by planting new trees which regenerate the land, support the eco-system, combat climate change and provide sustainable food for local people.

To reduce the impact of climate change and create a greener world, we have committed to plant one tree for every retail product sold and have pledged to plant a minimum of 100,000 trees per year. Let’s get planting!