Advanced Lymphatic with Cups

What is Cupping?

Do you want to learn a technique that boosts the outcome of your facial and leaves your clients wanting more? Learn how you can incorporate facial cupping to your facial services.

Dating back to ancient Egypt and Asia cupping brings fresh blood to the area and improves circulation but, also activates lymphatic drainage. Used by Hollywood celebs it improves the look of your client’s skin, plumps fine lines and wrinkles and contours the face.

Paired with our award winning treatment serums this add-on creates visual radiance and increased firmness, leaving the clients with the lasting memory of a wonderful aromatic experience.

Program 10a.m. – 3p.m.

  • Anyone interested in boosting or learning lymphatic drainage.
  • Those who require a unique treatment add-on.
  • Improve overall outcome of your treatment.


Program Outline

  • History of cupping
  • Features and benefits of cupping (indications)
  • Lymphatic System, Lymphatic Drainage & cups
  • Contra-indications
  • Cupping techniques
  • Discus – cupping marks, colours and why it happens
  • Lure cups vs. other brands
  • Silicone Vs. Glass(Silicone Grades) and the benefits and how to use
  • Sanitation of cups
  • Different cups available
  • Full demonstration of Eve Taylor’s Signature Manual Lymphatic Drainage incorporated with facial cupping
  • Why use oils. Features and benefits of aromatic serums with organic emollient oils and essential oils
  • Practical hands-on