Retail in 4.2 oz. | Professional in 8 oz (Professional product is called Hydrating Massage Mask)

This mask is essential for all salons.  Following microdermabrasion and peels, Hydrating Gelee Mask should be used for immediate hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps the skin re-establish the lipid barrier functions and reduces dry, scaly skin conditions.  It also makes a delightful homecare product to invigorate, moisten, and soothe the skin.  Do not use steam.

  • Essential for all salons following microdermabrasions and peels
  • Provides immediate hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Helps re-establish lipid barrier and promotes healing
  • Can be used for massage and to soften and open follicles before extractions
  • Therapeutic amino acid action promotes healing