I just wanted to take a moment to thank the team for making sure my rush order went through and would be delivered on time – and it did. My client was so happy when I delivered the products to her today and I feel very fortunate to work with a company who is there to support me and help me be successful. You’re making a real difference for my clients and it’s always a pleasure working together.


A big congratulation to you and the team for hosting such an informative session. It has tickled many curiosities to see more information.


Before Balnea Spa Products I was struggling to find inspiration and rediscover my passion. After partnering with their team and attending some of their advanced education classes and seminars, my passion has been re-awoken! I am so excited to continue learning with them and applying my new skills and knowledge to enhance my spa’s product & treatment offerings.


Thank you so much everyone at Balnea Spa. Everyone who is a part of the event was so helpful and you can really see their passion come through in these events. They always strive to bring the newest and innovative knowledge and products to help elevate how we as estheticians work in the field. Trish and everyone involved are so motivated to help others better themselves as a professional and this event was no exception. They bring us the best of the best like Morag Currin in to talk about oncology esthetics. It was absolutely amazing and inspiring listening to her talk and share her knowledge with us. Heidi Edwards is incredibly intelligent and extremely helpful with any and all questions you may have. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this team is and I am so excited for next year’s event.


Dear Trish
I’m working from home as an aesthetician. After taking care of my children for 10 years I’m trying to get back on my feet, educating myself, refreshing my memory and finding the right pathway. I always believed that beauty comes from inside and working in this industry, looking around, talking to people I somehow lost my passion for it. I realize that a lot changed over the years….I find lately we tend to forget who we truly are and focus more on the outside. I admit it is very tempting especially after reaching certain age and we want a “quick fix”.
I’m so happy that I had a chance to attend to one of your presentations. I think you are an amazing person, I love your educational classes, every time I listen to you I feel like I’m gaining back what I’ve lost. You are very passionate about what you do, speaking from your heart, comfortable expressing your own feelings and letting your audience know that is OK to do the same. You actually fill the air with this healing energy where people just calm down and listen , nodding their heads, knowing you speak not only to them but also on their behalf.
You know how to get to the core by seeing the problem from every possible angle, in your words: ” putting the puzzles together” or connecting the dots to come to a conclusion and make the right decision. Because deep down we all know there is not the same recipe for everybody and we all are made out of different kind which we tend to forget in our busy lives.
Thanks to you I feel like I’m starting to see what I really want in my life and which direction to go. I’m now putting my puzzles together.
You know that treating the skin goes hand in hand with healing the soul as well….
Thank you so much for helping my daughter, for the excellent presentation on Sunday and for doing what you do.


It was a great day! Thanks to Trish, Heidi and Morag for the day of enlightening information. It renewed my passion for why I am an Beauty Therapist! Helping people feel good about themselves is a true calling.


It was my pleasure! I loved it !!


Please accept my heartiest congratulations on hosting a very successful Advance Educational Forum.  The information provided during each session holds immense value in their respective fields. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of it.  Looking forward to be a part of many more such sessions in future.

Way to go team !!!!